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Station for Laravel 5

Station helps Laravel developers to auto-generate, configure, and deploy an admin interface with advanced scaffolding, migrations and models for their Laravel software. It includes an artisan build command and a simple but extensible UI.

If you are tired of creating CRUD-capable interfaces from scratch, Station may be perfect for you. In a few minutes you can have a simple, but advanced back-end admin installed and ready for use by you, your customers, and your customers’ users.

Station shines when used as a CMS however it is not your typical template-based CMS system. It does not include front-end templates or layouts. Instead it is intended to be used as a database, content, and user management system. It takes away the heavy-lifting involved in creating a back-end for your web site or application. But, it leaves the front-end a blank canvas for your creativity!


  • A password-protected section of your domain under /station/... or the virtual directory name of your choice.
  • Authenticated user system utilizes Laravel’s native user model.
  • A simple set of configuration text files defines your entire database, permissions and navigation schema.
  • A build command at php artisan station:build will generate + run migrations and create models.
  • Define multiple user groups where users can only access areas configured for their own group.
  • A bootstrap-based UI containing necessary behaviors such as drag and drop reorderables, image upload w/ crop tools, nested sortables, and more.
  • User management functions such as password reminders and password reset.


Contributing to Station Development

I welcome and encourage contributions. Please submit pull-requests. I will review and consider implementing.

My only guideline is that enhancements to Station should be within the simple and straightforward spirit of the project.

To build documentation, navigate to /docs directory and run touch *.rst; make html;. Read more


Please use the Github issue tracker to report problems or to get answers to your questions.


Station was conceived and built by Ben Hirsch. The project was named by Tim Habersack who also contributed to feature development and strategy in its early phases.