Working with Station Models

Every time you run The Build Command all of your models (at least all of the models which are associated with Station panels) get regenerated. You might be thinking, “Well that sucks, what if I want to add my own methods to those models?!”“. Guess what? That is not a problem. Station’s models carefully avoid any custom code you’ve written and instead only replace Station’s own boilerplate class variables and methods in your models, leaving your own work intact.

<?php namespace App\Models;

class Document extends \Eloquent {


        protected $table = 'documents';
        protected $guarded = array('id');


        // Feel free to add any new code after this line


This is an example of the model that is generated for a documents panel after running The Build Command. Any code that is added after //GEN-END will be safely ignored upon regeneration. So, feel free to add your own scopes, accessors, mutators, and other Laravel Eloquent goodies!